Understanding the Asset Finance Recruitment Market in 2023

July 13, 2023 0 Comments

As we turn our attention to 2023, it is important to have a solid understanding of the asset finance recruitment market. To gain a clear picture of this dynamic sector, in this article we will discuss what asset finance is, an overview of current trends in the asset finance recruitment market, market forecasts, strategies for success and how the sector will fare in 2023.


Asset finance is a broad sector that deals with investments, leasing and credit products. It typically involves the purchase of assets such as vehicles, plant & machinery, property and equipment. It is an integral part of a business operation and helps businesses acquire the assets they need to grow and expand in the short-term. In the UK, the asset finance sector is estimated to be worth more than £90 billion.

Asset finance recruitment refers to the recruitment of individuals to work at asset finance firms. It is a highly competitive market with a wide range of job opportunities available. With hundreds of companies actively recruiting for asset finance professionals, it can be difficult to figure out which role is right for you and who you should work for. Here at James George Recruitment, our Consultants have 20 years of recruitment experience specialising in the Leasing/Asset Finance industry so we are well placed to help with your next move.

Current Climate

The asset finance recruitment market is highly competitive, as there are a variety of roles available in a number of different types of companies. Companies typically look for individuals with experience in a specific asset finance industry who can demonstrate a track record in sales or account management, credit underwriting or operational roles. This means that the demand for skilled asset finance professionals is high.

The asset finance recruitment market is also impacted by a number of macro-economic factors. An increase in the availability of financing options, as well as changes to borrowing costs, can make a big difference in the attractiveness of asset finance roles. Lower costs and better terms can lead to an increase in demand for asset finance professionals. At the same time, higher taxes and interest rates can make it more difficult for companies to justify hiring.

Market Forecasts

Recent market forecasts suggest that the asset finance recruitment market is set to continue to grow in the remainder of 2023. In particular, the increase in digital technology adoption and automation is likely to provide further impetus to the sector. As a result, asset finance firms are likely to continue to hire experienced professionals in order to take advantage of these new technological developments.

Companies are also likely to continue to look for talented individuals who can bring a wealth of experience to a rapidly changing asset finance industry. Asset finance firms are likely to remain on the lookout for asset finance professionals who are able to provide insights on the latest trends and regulations in the sector. As such, those with expertise in the the asset finance industry have a wide range of opportunities available to them.

The upcoming year is also likely to be a period of rapid growth for the asset finance recruitment market. A number of new financial products are being launched across the sector, and this could lead to an increase in demand for talented asset finance professionals. An increase in activity from overseas markets is also likely to drive growth in the asset finance recruitment market.

Strategies for Success

The asset finance recruitment market is highly competitive, so companies need to ensure that they have the right strategies in place in order to attract the best talent. James George Recruitment focus on developing tailored recruitment campaigns that emphasise the unique advantages of the asset finance sector. This helps to ensure that the right people are able to find the right roles.

By leveraging social media platforms, job boards and other candidate-focused tools, we are able to reach a wider pool of potential jobseekers. As the asset finance recruitment market evolves, we aim to keep up with new technologies and approaches to our work.


The asset finance recruitment market is an important sector, which is likely to continue to grow over the course of 2023.  Please get in touch with James George Recruitment if you are either interested in exploring the job market or you are looking for high callibe additional staff for your team.